Wish List

We’re in need of a used pick-up truck.  Even very used is fine with us, because we just need something to pick-up and deliver furniture donations and other such large items. 

Monetary donations of any amount are always welcome.  These are usually used to help local people in dire situations pay utility bills, rent, car repairs, and more.  It also helps us provide dentures and eyeglasses when we can.  Finally, it helps us keep our own lights and heat on and pay our dedicated staff.

Clothes, new or gently used.  These will be made available, free of charge to people in need, in our clothing store.

Toys, new or gently used.  These will likely be given away in our major annual Christmas distribution.

Furniture, new or gently used.

Volunteers to sort clothes in our store, do home repairs and basic construction work for people in need, or (for health care professionals) offer health screenings to our clients.


One Response to “Wish List”

  1. Janet Thornsbury February 5, 2011 at 2:52 pm #

    I would like to dsay that I thank the lord for sending Christain Help to Mingo County. They are very helpful to me and my daughter. They take me to all of my doctor appointments and any other kind of appointments I have to go to. They also take my daughter to her doctor. Her eye doctor and dentist. You can always depend on themto pick you up at your housr and take you when you need to go and bring you back home.If you don’t have a car or anything that means alot to you. I would like to say there are a lot of people in Mingo County couldn’t get anywhere if it wasn’t for Christain Help. I thank and appreciate them very much all you have to do is call and tell them what yo need and where you have to go if they can at all they will fit you in somewhere.

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