26 Aug

As we come to the end of another month, I know it won’t be long until I see Christian Help vans scurrying around, helping people get to doctor appointments and the grocery store. Here’s a note from our founder, Sister Brendan, about one of our vans:

Joy Easton was a little elderly lady I had become friends with when I was directing Christian Help in Morgantown. Both she and her husband, who was already deceased when I met her, had been teachers at WVU. She gave us an occasional donation for Christian Help, and I got to know her. She lived in an unpretentious little house with white siding near the university. The last time I visited her, she was in a retirement home but had not lost her quick wit and sense of  humor.

    When we moved to Mingo, she continued to send occasional notes and donations, including a gift of stock. Then I received word in 2007 from a good friend of hers that she had died. I felt I had truly lost a friend–I didn’t know how good a friend. The next communication I received was that she had left Christian Help a sizable bequest. I never would  have suspected that she had  that kind of savings. At the time I wrote in my fall newsletter, “She cared deeply about people in need and wanted to see Christian Help continue into the future.”
Of course, the money is long gone. But we wanted to do something to honor her memory, so we named our wheelchair van, which we had  just received, “In memory of Joy.”  And I do remember her often, especially  when I look at the wheelchair van.

Busy Times Ahead

4 Nov

I can’t believe that it has been so long since I have added a new post to our blog. We have been busy, but not as busy as it is going to be now until the end of the year. We started signing people up for the Christmas give away, which will be happening on Dec. 20th if you would like to join us and volunteer to help. It is a  most rewarding, but also exhausting day. God does work some miracles during that shopping time. If you can’t join us please keep us in prayer as we help make Christmas a special day for over two hundred families. I will again try to get on here –  maybe doing better will be one of my New Year’s resolutions. God bless all of you and have a great weekend. Know you are remembered in our prayers – Sr. Therese and Staff

By His Hands Ministries Visits

28 Sep

About six weeks ago, a couple who none of us knew, stopped in unannounced and spent time with myself and the staff present that day to talk about doing a coat and blanket drive. Today we said goodbye to some very dear people who left Kermit with a piece of our hearts. Thirteen members of  By His Hands Ministries came last Sunday and left this morning –  the drive provided coats, blankets, food and fellowship with over 200 families when you count the staff who got items without signing up. It was so awesome, since they let the people register and asked on the registration if they would like to have prayer and a group member prayed with them. Warmth in the Kermit area will come not only from the coats and blankets, but from their love of God which they shared.  Both Christian Help and By His Hands Ministry where blessed and touched by this endeavor. And I believe it truly is God’s work, because of the way it came to be and the fact that they already look forward to what they can do to be back next year. God bless all who gave and those who spent the past three days with us. You have our love and prayers.

The Staff and Sr. Therese

14 Sep

Times are hard and they affecting more and more people. We feed between 100 – 125 families a month, with food from the pantry. Six months ago a food pantry opened up in Martin County, KY which is feeding the people we use to pay out-of-pocket to feed. The Mingo County, WV folks get food from the USDA commodities food bank and that is provided to Christian Help free. We were notified that for the month of August we would not get any USDA commodity foods. With the help of our great friends Donna and Fred Rieser we got food from their food pantry and they delivered it to us on a Saturday. It meant that Christian help paid to feed the Mingo County residents this month, but the cost of the delivery was provided by the Rieser Family. And the good news is, by the grace of God and the donation of friends  we are able to continue to feed our folks. We were even given fresh fruits and vegetables which is something we never get. Let us continue to pray for one another during these hard times.

God bless you and your families,

Sr. Therese and Staff

Sorry It has been so long.

11 Sep

As of our August 18th Board Meeting, I have been made Executive Director of Christian Help Inc. of Mingo County. Our budget is stretched so, I am doing all of the Program Director duties that was my previous responsibilities plus all the work that Barry Hudock was responsible for when he was employed here. It has made for a very overwhelming last few months. Several weeks ago I told my staff that they would like me again once the audits, grant applications and files were combined and I had a better sense of what was needed to be done and then had those tasks completed. You will have to ask Daphne Armstrong, Kathy Spurlock and Mina Hammond if things are any better because they are the other staff that is here during the day with me. Bernice Swisher, Bertha James and Sandy Marcum make up the Transportation team, I think they probably don’t know it, but they should be glad they were out on the road during the daytime. You could also ask all our faithful volunteers, they would tell you things are great because they are so good to give of themselves and their time. I ask for your prayers as I continue to grow into this role. I will try to get more notes out on the Blog, for I have been very negligent. Mina has prompted me several times because she loves to check to see what is new, I hope she enjoys this note when she reads it. Mina has some good ideas, but I will save them for next time. Many great things are happening here, even though our financial abilities are very limited right now. God bless all of you for all you do to help us touch the lives of the poor and serve they in the spirit of Jesus Christ.   Sr. Therese and Staff

Donation Arrives

18 Jun

On Friday three skids of donations arrived from Americans Helping Americans. Our good neighbors, ABLE Families staff, did all the work of unloading and we at Christian Help are grateful. We got a wall of baby diapers, vitamins and laundry detergent. The only sad part is the delivery company didn’t notify us of the delivery until Friday morning and none of the Christian Help staff or volunteers were here to lend a hand. God bless Sr. Pat Murray and all the staff at ABLE Families for their time and efforts. God is so good to us and is reflected through the donations we continue to receive. Know that we as a staff pray for our donors daily. Let us continue to pray for one another. Sister Therese

Barry’s Official Last Day

15 Jun

Yesterday was the last official last day for Barry at Christian Help. We hope the family arrived safely and that their new home will soon  feel like home. We wish them the best and thanks again for all you did to help Christian Help during your time with us.