Miles to Go

7 Apr

When people learn I’m from Christian Help in Kermit, they often say, “I see your vans all over the place.” Most of these people have never been to Christian Help. But they have seen one of the things we do–demand-response door-to-door transportation for people who lack cars or are unable to drive because of age or health problems.
Transportation is one of the biggest problems in rural areas like Mingo County. That was why, back in 2000, with the help of a technical assistance grant (no money) from the Community Transportation Association of America and two donated used vehicles, Christian Help Transit began.
Our original idea was to charge maybe $1.00 a trip, but the man in charge in Charleston said that because the road to Williamson crosses over into Kentucky, we would have to be under interstate jurisdiction if we charged anything. So we didn’t. And still don’t. It’s been free from the start, though some riders do give donations.
Our 2013 report shows that CH Transit served 490 individuals, with 9,261 trips and 105,253 travel miles.
Under the protection of St. Christopher, the legendary saint who served God by carrying people across a raging river and one day learned he had carried Jesus (his name means “Christ-bearer”), CH vans carry Jesus in the person of His needy people. And so far, in 14 years of challenging travel, they have not had a serious accident. Thank you, Christopher, careful van drivers, and God above all!


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