Those Welfare Mothers

3 Mar

believes they have it pretty easy. .They get free puiblic housing, have food stamps, and get “welfare” to take care of their children–more with each child.  She is convinced that poor women have babies in order to cash in on welfare programs.

Last week I had a call  from a “welfare mother” a couple of counties over. She was calling because some relative of hers had told her we were helping low-income people get dentures. She thought if she could get teeth, she might be able to get a job in her little town. She has 4 and 1/2 teeth left, all bad. She doesn’t know why her teeth got so bad when she was little.

She has two children, a boy, 8, and a little girl, 3. The father of the boy is dead, and the little girl’s father is gone. “The DHHR can’t find him to try to get child support.”

Her trailer, left her by her deceased father, burned–“The law don’t know if it was arson or not”–and she managed to get into public housing by moving away from her home area and mother. She has no rent–because she has no income. But she has to keep up the electricity or move out. A church helped her get some furniture and potatoes.

She gets food stamps but has no car. If she can’t get a ride to the store, she bundles the little girl up and walks–“seems like two miles”” but probably isn’t. The food stamps have been cut twice so far.

If she could find a volunteer job with a government agency or a nonprofit, she could apply for TANF and get $340 a month. But the nearest possible place like that is a town 12 miles away.

About the teeth–her little town has two dentists.  Medicaid will pay for extractions, but the dentists won’t take Medicaid. She’s trying to find a ride to the nearest dentist who will.

I’d like for my acquaintance to meet her.  I think it would be learning experience.


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