Welcoming the Homeless–Puppies and Kittens, O My!

2 Jan

When your agency has a name like “Christian Help,” people expect that you can and will
help with all sorts of things. Over the years that name has meant that if dogs or cats, puppies or kittens, are in need of a home, Christian Help is the place to bring them.
It started before Mingo County had a shelter at all, and it often meant finding a box with kittens or puppies on our back porch or having someone walk in with several and say “Somebody dropped these off at the crossroad (or “on the mountain” or “by the river,”), and I can’t keep them. . .”
One memorable time was when, on returning to the Center after our Christmas distribution, very tired and needing to put our feet up, we found nine puppies in a box on our front porch. They would have frozen that night if someone hadn’t by chance opened the front door, used only when the Center is open.
The next morning, with Christian Help closed, two of us and the puppies went into Williamson and parked on a corner of Walmart’s parking lot.
“You can’t sell things here,” a young assistant manager told us.
“Oh, we aren’t! We’re giving away wonderful little Christmas gifts.” It worked that time, but the next time, it was “You can’t solicit here.” So we went across the road to a spot in front of puppy friendly Food City.
A couple of years ago, Sister Therese found homes for 137 animals over the year. Things have improved since the County Commission started subsidizing spay/neuter. Poor people can’t afford those much-needed procedures.
Generally unwanted puppies or kittens find homes in a morning or afternoon at Christian Help. But even with S/N assistance, we have ended up several times with four or five kittens in the late afternoon in a box in front of kitten-friendly Copley’s Store in Warfield.
Usually they find homes in half an hour or so. It is our hope and prayer that when the darling kittens turn into mischievous teens, they will still be loved and happy in their forever homes.


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