26 Aug

As we come to the end of another month, I know it won’t be long until I see Christian Help vans scurrying around, helping people get to doctor appointments and the grocery store. Here’s a note from our founder, Sister Brendan, about one of our vans:

Joy Easton was a little elderly lady I had become friends with when I was directing Christian Help in Morgantown. Both she and her husband, who was already deceased when I met her, had been teachers at WVU. She gave us an occasional donation for Christian Help, and I got to know her. She lived in an unpretentious little house with white siding near the university. The last time I visited her, she was in a retirement home but had not lost her quick wit and sense of  humor.

    When we moved to Mingo, she continued to send occasional notes and donations, including a gift of stock. Then I received word in 2007 from a good friend of hers that she had died. I felt I had truly lost a friend–I didn’t know how good a friend. The next communication I received was that she had left Christian Help a sizable bequest. I never would  have suspected that she had  that kind of savings. At the time I wrote in my fall newsletter, “She cared deeply about people in need and wanted to see Christian Help continue into the future.”
Of course, the money is long gone. But we wanted to do something to honor her memory, so we named our wheelchair van, which we had  just received, “In memory of Joy.”  And I do remember her often, especially  when I look at the wheelchair van.

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