By His Hands Ministries Visits

28 Sep

About six weeks ago, a couple who none of us knew, stopped in unannounced and spent time with myself and the staff present that day to talk about doing a coat and blanket drive. Today we said goodbye to some very dear people who left Kermit with a piece of our hearts. Thirteen members of  By His Hands Ministries came last Sunday and left this morning –  the drive provided coats, blankets, food and fellowship with over 200 families when you count the staff who got items without signing up. It was so awesome, since they let the people register and asked on the registration if they would like to have prayer and a group member prayed with them. Warmth in the Kermit area will come not only from the coats and blankets, but from their love of God which they shared.  Both Christian Help and By His Hands Ministry where blessed and touched by this endeavor. And I believe it truly is God’s work, because of the way it came to be and the fact that they already look forward to what they can do to be back next year. God bless all who gave and those who spent the past three days with us. You have our love and prayers.

The Staff and Sr. Therese


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