Sorry It has been so long.

11 Sep

As of our August 18th Board Meeting, I have been made Executive Director of Christian Help Inc. of Mingo County. Our budget is stretched so, I am doing all of the Program Director duties that was my previous responsibilities plus all the work that Barry Hudock was responsible for when he was employed here. It has made for a very overwhelming last few months. Several weeks ago I told my staff that they would like me again once the audits, grant applications and files were combined and I had a better sense of what was needed to be done and then had those tasks completed. You will have to ask Daphne Armstrong, Kathy Spurlock and Mina Hammond if things are any better because they are the other staff that is here during the day with me. Bernice Swisher, Bertha James and Sandy Marcum make up the Transportation team, I think they probably don’t know it, but they should be glad they were out on the road during the daytime. You could also ask all our faithful volunteers, they would tell you things are great because they are so good to give of themselves and their time. I ask for your prayers as I continue to grow into this role. I will try to get more notes out on the Blog, for I have been very negligent. Mina has prompted me several times because she loves to check to see what is new, I hope she enjoys this note when she reads it. Mina has some good ideas, but I will save them for next time. Many great things are happening here, even though our financial abilities are very limited right now. God bless all of you for all you do to help us touch the lives of the poor and serve they in the spirit of Jesus Christ.   Sr. Therese and Staff


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