Big news: A $4000 gift? Make that $8000! With your help.

12 Apr

The other day I told you about The Great Friendraising Challenge.  We’re asking our current supporters to tell their friends and family about the important work we do here, and suggest to them that they consider a gift themselves. 

I also told you we’ve built some competition into this effort: Whichever agency — Christian Help or ABLE Families — gets more first-time donations between now and May 15 gets a $4,000 gift from a longtime, generous donor.

Well here’s an update:  Another friend of both agencies who saw this effort sent me a note the other day, telling me that he’d like  to add another $4,000 gift to the reward for whichever ageny gets more first-time donors!

So, that’s now $8,000 that will go directly either Christian Help or ABLE Families.  One agency will get it.  If Christian Help receives more first-time donations than ABLE Families in the next few weeks, it’ll be us.  If we don’t, it won’t.

That $8,000 would go directly to helping impoverished families in Mingo County — a mighty helpful gift to support what we do.  Care to help?  Talk us up.  Let your friends, neighbors, co-workers, and family know what we’re up to here, and how important the work we do is to the people we serve.  Have them take a look at our website (we just added a new “MEDIA” page, with videos) or this blog (which is updated often with news and photos about what goes on here). 



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