A note from recent visitors (and new friends)

11 Apr

I want to draw your attention to a comment left on this blog earlier today. We’ve had several posts here about the recent visit of students from St. Peter’s Catholic Church in Geneva, IL, as well as a few other student groups we’ve hosted lately. Each of the groups have done some wonderful works of service here in Mingo County.

Anyway, I posted here about the people from our region who we’ve invited to come give presentations to these students, to help them understand central Appalachia’s culture, history, and economy.

Mary Kay Rogers, one of the adult leaders of the St. Peter’s group, left a comment on that post earlier today that I’d hope that not only our presenters, but also our local folks can see. She wrote:

Many thanks to all of the guest speakers!! We had our post trip reunion yesterday, and the students ALL agreed that the educational component of our stay in Kermit was awesome. It gave all of us a better sense of Appalachia from several vantage points and hopefully helped us be better servants during our stay.

THANKS for the opportunity to visit and serve in Mingo County, WV. We have fallen in love with the people you serve and your beautiful landscape!

So it’s mutual, because we loved having them as well!


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