The Great Friendraising Challenge has begun!

5 Apr

Last week our supporters received a letter inviting them to participate in the Great Friendraising Challenge. It’s an effort to introduce new people to the work of Christian Help.

To make it fun, we’ve added a bit of a challenge to it, and also the possibility to get an extra $4,000 donation for the people we serve.

As you probably know, Christian Help shares building space with a sister agency, ABLE Families. They are two distinct agencies, founded sixteen years ago by two remarkable women. They each have separate staff (who are amazing), separate boards of directors (who are highly committed), separate missions (which are vitally important) – and for the most part, separate supporters (each and every one of whom are, of course, wonderful). I have the privilege to serve as executive director of both.

We thought it would be fun to offer a challenge to the supporters of both agencies. Here it is: Which group can introduce more new people to their agency by inviting them to make a donation? Which group – Christian Help supporters or ABLE Families supporters – can make more new friends for their cause?

Care to help? Talk us up with your family and friends, your co-workers and colleagues. Tell them, “If you’re looking for a great organization to support, so you’ll know your money is being used to do some wonderful and effective things to reduce poverty right here in the United States, here it is.”

Email notes and Facebook posts are good. (Make it easy and include a link to our website for those.) But quick, personal suggestions to your brother and daughter and neighbor – on the phone, over lunch, after church – are probably even better.

The agency which ends up with the highest number of donations from people who have never before given will be declared the winner. (But seriously, in this effort, who could ‘lose’??)

So what does the winner get? Of course, the aim is for both agencies to end up with some new friendships that will last a long time. That will help us carry out our mission with a secure future, so the real winners are the people we serve.

But besides that, all of the employees of the agency which receives fewer new donations will work for a full day for the winning agency. For one day, one agency’s office will be vacant, while the other’s is humming with the activity of a helpful bunch of additional staff!

And here’s something exciting: To add an additional dash of spice to the fun and give us all some added incentive: A generous donor has agreed to make a special donation of $4,000 to whichever agency wins!!

The Great Friendraising Challenge ends May 15. I’ll report the winner to you here on the blog and in our regular June print newsletter.

Thank you very much in advance for anything you could do to let your friends, family and acquaintances know about the important work we do. Though we want to make this effort into a fun competition, there’s nothing fun about living in poverty. Your efforts mean a lot to the people we serve.

So what are you waiting for? Call your brother!


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