Service from St. Louis

17 Mar

Since Saturday, we’ve been hosting 14 students from St. Louis University here at Christian Help / ABLE Families.   Throughout the week, they’ve been staying here with us and doing work of service with both agencies here in Mingo County.  

Each day, part of the group has been visiting various Head Start programs throughout the county, doing literacy related work, which is ABLE Families’ bag.  (Visit the ABLE Families blog to see some photos of that important work going on.) 

Another part of the group has been doing a variety of jobs related to Christian Help’s work, the biggests of which has been the construction of a much-needed wheelchair ramp at the home of a Christian Help client who lives far down into the hollers of this region.  (It’s about a half hour drive from here, through several miles of narrow roads winding through the mountains and valleys.) 

I visited their work site today and snapped some photos of these young men and women hard at work, with the help of a local carpenter we’ve enlisted to guide the job.  I also got a few of the neighborhood in which they’re working. 


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