Friends and partners in service!

10 Mar

Today we say goodbye to a wonderful group of new friends we’ve made.  A group of 25 students from Marianapolis Preparatory School in Thompson, Connecticut, has spent the past four days here, as guests and volunteers at Christian Help and ABLE Families.

The kids have done an enormous amount of work during that time.  They’ve also done a lot of getting to know the people we serve, the region, and the reasons for the poverty that’s here.  If they have enjoyed their stay anywhere near as much as we’ve enjoyed having them, then the trip was well worth it for them.  I know it was of great value to us and the people we serve.

These 25 kids were not the only folks from that school community who made an impact of what we do here.  They arrived on Sunday with money in hand, a very kind donation that came from a collection that went on at the school before their departure.  I’m especially happy that the kids got to see that money at work while they were here, benefitting real people in real ways.

Thank you to all our new friends from Marianapolis Preparatory School!  You are welcome back any time!


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