Comments, we get comments

3 Feb

I enjoy reading the comments that are left here from time to time by visitors to this blog. I think many others probably don’t even realize they’re there, because they’re easy to miss.

Like this comment, that was left here yesterday, connected to my most recent post on “Travelling the hollers.” The visitor, who was kind enough to leave her full name, wrote:

Christian Help is the most reliable program in this area. They have been great friends to me and I appreciate their help more than words can describe. Without the transit van, I wouldn’t be able to even make my doctors appointments. I appreciate all the kind people who make donations to keep the vans running.

Thanks, Ida! That’s one I’d like the world to see — yes, because it’s good to know we’re doing something worthwhile, but also so that all the kind folks who send us donations (when they could be renting a movie or going out to eat instead) know how truly important they are.

Keep an eye on the “Recent Comments” box that’s near the top of the right hand sidebar of this blog. That’s the easiest place to find what other people who visit here have to say.

And feel free to leave a comment of your own!


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