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Travelling the hollers

25 Jan

I was in one of the transit vans with Ruth this morning, as she went to pick up a passenger.  Addy needed a ride to a local doctor’s office.  In the top photo is Ruth, on the right, welcoming her aboard. 

Anyway, I snapped a few pictures on the way, too, because the trip provided a nice illustration of why our transit service is so important.  So many folks around here live far down rugged roads winding through the narrow hollers that are squeezed between these mountains.  (It was tough to get a photo of the road extending any further than that first photo below, because the road is all curves, and you almost never see more than a few yards ahead of you.)

Buses don’t go there, and there are no taxis around here.  If you don’t have reliable transportation and need to get somewhere, you have a problem. 

These are photos of Stonecoal Holler, taken just this morning.  My thanks to Addy for her permission to take her picture.


Taxes prepared free here

18 Jan

As a service to people in our area, Christian Help of Mingo County is offering free tax preparation services to local residents. Christian Help is an official site of the IRS’s Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program. The intention is to help lower income folks file their tax returns and get access to valuable programs like the Earned Income Tax Credit without having to pay fees to a preparer.

I, along with ABLE Families’ program director Sr. Patricia Ann, have gone through a training program and passed certification exams that qualify us to serve as volunteer preparers. We do not recieve payment for offering these services.

Anyone wishing to take advantage of the program by having their tax returns prepared should call 304-393-4987 to make an appointment. We’re open for doing the work at the times Christian Help is open to the public: Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays, from 10:00 to 4:00.

Blood drive day

12 Jan

Today we’re conducting the annual blood drive sponsored by Christian Help and our sister agency ABLE Families

We’ve got snowy weather here today, but that didn’t deter many generous donors from the community from showing up.  Our thanks to each of them!

That’s me on the table earlier, getting ready to give.

Prayers please

6 Jan

Would you say a few prayers with me today:

— for the family that includes 6 children, who were burned out of their home earlier this week in our area;

— for the Christian Help client who I told you about here several months ago, and who now seems to have left the area, because we’ve been unable to contact or find her, even after checking local hospitals and nursing homes;

— for the 15 people who were standing at the door of our Christian Help offices this morning, waiting for us to open, coming by for various kinds of help, when we opened to the public at 10 am.

Father God, in your love and providence, be with them all.