Christmas distribution stats

22 Dec

Scroll down for a few photos (and click ’em to enlarge).  Here’s a view of yesterday’s distribution project, by the numbers:

families served: 303

kids who received toys: 455

people provided with food for Christmas meal: 1,900

toys given: 2,980

stuffed animals given: 2,169

books given: 790


Holiday groceries given away included 195 hams, 30 turkeys, 31 cases of green beans, 16 cases of chocolate pudding, 2,160 apples, and 2,160 oranges. 

Besides about 20 local volunteers, we also received help from volunteers from the states of Indiana, Kentucky, New York, Georgia, and Connecticutt. 

Those, of course, are just facts and figures.   They offer a window into what went on here, to help those who could not be here understand.  But what it was really about was the people: the kids who will now have toys for Christmas, the families who will enjoy a nice holiday meal, the volunteers who gave many hours and much energy to making it happen, the donors who gave toys and money throughout the year. 

And it’s about the Lord Jesus, who (He tells us) dwells in a special way in those who are poor, and who was born in Bethlehem to bring each and every one of us — rich and poor, young and old — the love and grace of God.


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