New hard-working friends!

20 Dec

With only one day to go until the Christmas distribution, there are a whole lot of people working very hard to be ready for the big event.  No one is bored around the Christian Help or ABLE Families offices today.

And in the midst of it all, we’ve made some new friends.  Among those joining us to help us pull off the event this year is a group of 12 students and 2 staff from Marist School in Atlanta, Georgia.  They arrived yesterday evening and got right to work this morning.  And boy, are we glad to have them.

Here’s a photo of them at work this morning, organizing a huge donation of groceries that we received over the weekend from another new friend in Columbus, Ohio.   (The donation included much more than you see here — lots of frozen meats, cereals, pastas, and canned goods.)  This group of young men and women did in about 4 hours what it would have taken our small staff several days to do. 

Tomorrow they’ll be just as helpful among the many other volunteers who will be here for the big distribution.  Our warm thanks to these new friends of ours!


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