Christmas distribution is almost here

9 Dec

We have been hearing from people near and far who are planning to come and help on the big day, and every time we do, I get more excited about the good stuff we’re going to accomplish together on December 21.  That’s the day of this year’s annual Christmas distribution project, the day we get toys and clothes (for under the tree) and food (for on the holiday table) to people in need all over the region. 

Registrations for receiving assistance in the distribution are now closed (and we’re now having to turn away many who ask to participate).  Here are the numbers we’re looking at:

Total number of kids in families to be provided with toys: 453

Total number of families to be served (one meal per family): 303

Total number of people to be served overall: 1,009

It’s a lot of work to be done, a lot preparations to make, a lot of food to purchase, a lot of good to do!

If you’d like to come help on the big day, you’re most welcome!  If you’d like to make a donation to help with the cost of food, that’s welcome, too! 

And if you’d like to help, but neither of those options are workable, we’d also welcome some serious prayers, for all our staff and volunteers who will be giving so much of themselves when they could be home with their families or getting presents wrapped, and even more for the many dear people of this area who unfortunately have a need for a program like this distribution. 

No one wants to step forward and say “I can’t afford to get my own kids their Christmas presents.”  And it sure does hurt to know it’s true.  But when it is, it’s also a great blessing to have a resource like Christian Help’s Christmas distribution to turn to.  I know, because I’ve heard it so many times from so many grateful people on the big day.


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