Sacred Heart Academy brings a little bit of Christmas

9 Nov

Our friends from Sacred Heart Academy of Louisville, Kentucky, have been making an annual trip to Mingo County for 15 years now.  That’s how long Christian Help has been doing its annual Christmas distribution program of toys, food, and clothing to local families in need.  Every year, students at the school have done a major toy drive to be donated to the program, and then a group of students, with some faculty and parents, delivers it all. 

Sacred Heart Academy is an all-girls Catholic college preparatory high school.  Our founder, Sr. Brendan Conlon, was once a teacher there, many decades ago.  Their website is here.

Last night, the delivery truck arrived, along with a couple of vans of students and the adults who accompanied them.  We provided a tour of the region, to help them understand the area, and then unloaded the very generous donations.  The photos here were all taken at night, which is why the quality is not so good. 

Our thanks to everyone in the Sacred Heart Academy community who contributed to this important effort.  It will make a big difference to many local families this Christmastime. 

Christian Help’s Christmas distribution will take place this year on Tuesday, December 21.  Registrations for  the program take place throughout November.


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