Chase away the chill this winter

21 Oct

An important letter went into the mail to all Christian Help supporters a few days ago.  Here’s what is said:

Dear friend of Christian Help,

One of my first significant decisions as the new director of Christian Help last fall turned out to be a great one – unfortunately, I was so new at the time that I can’t even pretend it was anything but a lucky call.

I was settling into my new office, and Sr. Brendan was just dipping her toe into retirement. I knew it would be important to honor her for her work, and to do it in a way that reflected her own personality and ministry.  And so, you’ll remember, the Sr. Brendan Conlon Warm Hearts, Warm Homes Fund was born – a special fund to gather some extra money to help pay for the heating bills of local families in need.

You responded with moving generosity.  In the weeks and months that followed, we raised over $35,000 for that fund.  What a beautiful expression of your regard for Sr. Brendan and your investment in the ministry of Christian Help of Mingo County. 

And then it hit: the double whammy of a long, frigid winter and sharply increased utility rates for the people of this region.  It turned out to be more than a great many here could handle.  Here at Christian Help, we were hit far more requests for relief for home heating bills than we expected.  And thanks to you, we were ready to help. We provided significant help for far more people than we might otherwise have been able to. 

To be exact, we provided help to 254 households with money from this fund.  Thank you!

Now here we are, a year later.  The money you gave has been well used.  Of course, the need remains in many ways, and another winter approaches.  I’m writing today to ask you to replenish the Sr. Brendan Conlon Warm Hearts, Warm Homes Fund.  

Would you make a donation today to this important and worthy fund?  I certainly appreciate your willingness to consider it.   (Note that in the interests of responsible stewardship of the money you contribute, any amount over $28,000 that is raised through this year’s appeal will be directed to some other worthy need here at Christian Help – for example, for home repairs for clients in need, gasoline for our transit vans, or paying our own electric bills.)

By the way, speaking of Sr. Brendan, I want to tell you that she’s doing very well – though her lifestyle  these days is not what most people would call retirement!  She helps out frequently here at Christian Help, and she’s very involved in a variety of other activities and interests in the community.  I’d love the chance to tell her again this year about a remarkable response to this appeal for the fund named in her honor.

Sincerely in Christ,

Barry M. Hudock

Executive Director

If you would like to make a gift to Christian Help, you can do it online, safely and quickly, by clicking here.  I join you in making my own personal gift to the fund, because I know the people who will benefit from the gift, and I know the need is real.  Thank you for considering it.


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