“My children would have gone to bed without food”

13 Oct

Rita (not her real name) is a longtime client and also volunteer here at Christian Help of Mingo County. She is a dear woman who comes by often to volunteer her time to help out in our store, even though her own needs are as burdensome as those of any other client we have.

A couple of weeks ago, Rita told Sr. Therese she wanted to write a letter that explained what Christian Help meant to her over the years. This afternoon she brought by what she’d written, and I knew I had to share it with you.

Christian Help is the best thing that’s ever come to Mingo County.
     Because if it was not for them, my children would have gone to bed without food. Their school clothing and Christmas came from Christian Help also.
     They are there when you need them through store visits, phone calls, and prayers.
     Over the years I have not asked for anything from them. This spring they helped to put a front porch on my house not because I asked but out of love. The van drivers go out in all kinds of weather to get you where you need to go. If it was not for them I would not have been able to go to the doctor or hospitals.
     Let me tell you about my wedding. My husband and I renewed our wedding vows after 30 years of marriage. The staff of Christian Help was there. My dress was late, the 3-layer-cake fell, but all had a good time. Thank you, Christian Help.
     They get going and get things done, so please pray for them.
     May God bless all who read this.

     R.H. in Mingo


One Response to ““My children would have gone to bed without food””

  1. sarita barrow October 18, 2010 at 4:06 pm #

    i just want to say i dont know what i would have done with out christian help. i wrecked my car the first week of college, and if it was not for them i would have never had a way back and fourth to school.they helped me to better myself and my future and i am so blessed to have them!!!!!!!!!!!

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