Guests Bring “Heaven’s Help” to Mingo County

1 Jul

We’ve hosted some special guests here at Christian Help over the past couple of weeks, and they’ve truly brought Christ’s compassion to some folks here. 

During the week of June 21, a group of adults and teens from the Wabash Christian Heritage Church in Wabash, Indiana, came to Christian Help to do works of service here in Mingo County.  They spent much of that week painting the house of one of our neighbors here in Kermit.  

A Christian Help volunteer stopped into my office just this morning to tell me how much the family in that house appreciated the work.  “They were just blown away by the wonderful job that those folks did painting their house,” she said.  “It meant the world to them.”

The Wabash group also brought with them a trailer full of donated clothing and other items and a cash donation, all collected from members of their church community back home.  The items will be distributed to local families in need, and the cash donation went directly to the family whose tragedy and need for funeral expenses I explained two posts below.

Now this week we hosted the Clements family of Louisville, Kentucky.  John and Laura Clements and their four children (ages 11 through 19) spent an entire week of their family vacation time here. 

John and their two teenaged sons worked hard at replacing the delapidated porch of Jimmy, a local resident who is legally deaf and blind.  (In the photos here, you can see  that work going on.)  Jimmy’s neighbor, who helps him out in many ways, had explained to me that rodents had been finding their way into the house through the rotting porch roof for quite some time. 

“God sent heaven’s help,” his neighbor said as she told me how much the improvements would mean to him.

Meanwhile, Laura and their two daughters helped out at ABLE Families’ summer Music Camp that was going on all week.

The Clements family came with a pick-up truck loaded full of donations of clothes from people back home, and also a generous cash donation from one of their friends.

Here at Christian Help, we’re giving thanks for the kindness and selfless love of all these people.


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