Let me tell you what our Christian Help office looks like right now, as I write this.

27 May

There is a couple sitting in Sr. Therese’s office.  I didn’t butt in, but if they’re like most people who sit in front of her desk on a typical day, they’re probably seeking help with an electric bill because their service is about to be shut off, or coming with a similar need. And we will help them. We can’t pay up the whole thing, but if they can find a way to get a good portion on the money together in other ways, we will provide the rest.

(Because of the high volume of requests like this recently, I asked Sr. Therese yesterday to bring down the amount we’re providing just a bit. Otherwise, we’d get way off budget.  Sr. Therese and I have a well-oiled working relationship in this regard: she works to help as many people with as much as we can, while I work to keep us in budget so we’re still around next month.)

Also at this moment, there are two people with Kathy in the “burn-out room.” That’s the room full of blankets, sheets, pots & pans, and all sorts of household goods. We call it the burn-out room because we provide most of the things people need when they’re burned out of their homes (which is a pretty common occurance in this region where so many people live in mobile homes; those things can burn to the ground in a matter of minutes).

There are three people with Delphia in the food pantry. The end of the month is always far busier in our food pantry, because ‘food stamps’ have run out. They’ll each be taking home a box loaded with chicken, pork, cheese, fruit, pasta, vegetables, cereal, and more.

There are three people ‘shopping’ our clothing store. (I put the word shopping in quotes because everything in there is free.)

There are three more people chatting in our waiting area, waiting to be helped by either Sr. Therese or Kathy or Delphia.

And there are three children playing in our little toys area while their parents get the help they’ve come for.

Sixteen people in our place, right now.  (And that’s not counting however many people are right now receiving a ride somewhere on the road around this area through our free transit service.)  I doubt any of them are all that happy to have to be here.  But before they leave, they will certainly receive a smile, some compassion, and some relief from whatever situation brought them in. 

That’s sixteen people you’re helping, if you’re one of the many people who support the work of Christian Help.  From these sixteen dear clients of ours today, thank you.


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