A peek at the cover

11 May

Here’s a personal thrill I’d like to share with you — a first look at the cover of a book I wrote that will be published this fall.

I’m especially excited that it’s being published by Liturgical Press, which has been an influential publisher of some wonderful books of theology and spirituality for nearly a century. (How they decided my own work merits a place in their catalog is beyond me, but let’s keep that between you and me.)

I’ve been interested in liturgical theology (theology of worship) for many years and studied it a decade ago at the Catholic University of America. This book took shape gradually since then. It’s on the Eucharistic prayer, which is the long prayer prayed over the bread and wine — mostly by the priest, but in the name of the entire assembly — during the celebration of the Eucharist in the Catholic and several other Christian traditions.

The point of my book is to present some exciting scholarly work and centuries of liturgical tradition to non-specialist readers in an engaging and accessible form. Here’s the description that the publisher has prepared for the back cover:

We somehow think that during the eucharistic prayer at Mass we are expected to be quiet, prayerful, and attentive—if we can be, with our children or other neighbors in the pews distracting us. In this inviting book Barry Hudock shows us that the eucharistic prayer is indeed the most dynamic and “explosive” moment of Christian worship—in fact, of Christian life. Hudock takes us back to the beginnings of formal eucharistic worship in the early church, then forward to Vatican II and beyond, unpacking and exploring the eucharistic prayers old and new in words and concepts accessible to all of us. He also offers us, as the fruit of the journey, a set of points for a eucharistic prayer spirituality to prepare us for the explosion into life that is the whole purpose of our being.

Publication isn’t until October, but for now, it’s cool to see the cover.


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