Kindness received

6 May

Sometimes the ‘view from my desk’ is a frustrating and discouraging one.  There is so much need in so many ways here in Mingo County, more than we can possibly address effectively, and there is so much working against the kind of development of the region that would allow the need to actually decrease. 

But then sometimes ‘the view’ is mighty inspiring and hopeful.

On April 20, I blogged here (two posts down) about the local clergyman who had called my office about getting help for one of his church members, whose home is in disrepair.  I mentioned to you a detail that he mentioned to me — how his foot had nearly gone through the bathroom floor.  I also told this story in several thank-you notes I sent that week, because it’s the generosity of our friends and supporters that allows us to help with such needs. 

Then, just a few days later, an envelope arrived in the mail and inside was a check for $1,000, with a note telling me to make sure I get that bathroom floor fixed!  Such kindness is moving and invigorating. 

The floor will indeed be fixed — and more will be done with the gift, too, because we won’t have to pay expenses for labor.  The work will be done by a gentleman coming with his family to Mingo County from many miles away in just a few weeks.  The entire family — husband, wife, and 4 kids — are coming to volunteer their time and work for people in need here. 

See what I mean?


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