Getting people where they need to go!

1 Apr

Ruth, our transit service dispatcher, just brought me the monthly report for March.  Our service during the month included driving 10,686 miles on a total of 1,064 passenger trips! 

Ruth tells me those are the highest numbers for a month in the 10-year history of Christian Help’s transit service.

That’s two, and sometimes three, drivers going each weekday.  Most of those trips are people going to doctor’s offices, pharmacies, or grocery stores.  And in many cases, the people we took would most likely not have gotten to where they wanted to go without our service.

It’s all offered free of charge, the only on-demand transit system in Mingo County.  If you’re a supporter of Christian Help, this is the kind of work you’re helping to provide to people living in poverty here.  We thank you for it – as you can see, it makes a big difference.


One Response to “Getting people where they need to go!”

  1. charles collie June 7, 2010 at 10:39 pm #

    Without the wonderful people who started this fine organization there would be no help for the people who needs and depend on christian help. To the transit department – it has been a pleasure to me to get know you and become really good friends. In my opinion if the state of wv is going to fund anyone it should be christian help and they should get more respect because of their hard and good work they provide in mingo county.

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