Archive | March, 2010

Signs of Spring

31 Mar

Here’s Christian Help employee Delphia putting out some nice spring children’s clothes in the Christian Help store. 

Clients in need can come in three days a week to pick out clothing, all of which is offered free of charge.  Most days there are already people waiting at the door at opening time, and a steady stream of folks comes through throughout the day.


Prayers for Rod and his family

30 Mar

Today Sr. Brendan and I will be attending the funeral of Rod Smith, a member of the Christian Help board of directors who died suddenly over the weekend, at the age of 61.  Rod was a fine man, a husband and father who worked as a hospital administrator in the area.  He was also very active in his church and community. 

Rod leaves behind a wonderful wife and adult child.  Please offer a prayer for him and for them today.

Easter basket day at Christian Help

29 Mar

Every year Christian Help distributes Easter baskets to its clients with children, on the Monday before Easter.  One of our longtime supporters sends a check every year to cover the costs.  

A group of our volunteers worked hard over the weekend getting 116 baskets ready for distribution today.  People were waiting at the door at our 10:00 open time to come in and pick theirs up, and more than half of them were gone within an hour.

Here’s one of our young friends who came by for her basket.

CH’s Board President Honored

22 Mar

Congratulations to Teresa McCune, the President of Christian Help’s Board of Directors.  Teresa, who is the Chief Public Defender of Mingo County, was honored just a few days ago by West Virginia University College of Law’s Women’s Law Caucus, as an Outstanding Woman in the Law

Teresa’s involvement with Christian Help is only one facet of her service to people in need here in Mingo County.  She’s also very involved in encouraging local kids to get to college and figuring out how to make it happen.  Going to college is a choice that is not always as obvious to teens in this region as it is in most other parts of the country.

We’re proud of Teresa, and proud that such an extraordinary person chooses to direct her energies toward the work we do as well.

Something to Smile About

18 Mar

As I was walking through the Christian Help store a couple of days ago, one of our clients stopped me to say hello.  She said she had received her dentures with help from Christian Help just a few days earlier, and she was very appreciative — and all smiles!  I asked if I could snap her photo and share it with you, and she was happy to agree to it.   Now that’s a beautiful smile.

Special guest at the desk

15 Mar

It has been over 6 months since Sr. Brendan, founder of Christian Help, stepped away from her desk at the agency.  With Sr. Therese away for an extended weekend home, Sr. Brendan is back at it today.  We’re working her hard, but she appears to be enjoying herself.   Sorry, Sister, you’ll have to put the violin lessons on hold for the day!

Service that makes a difference!

11 Mar

Two days ago, Ruth, the dispatcher for our transit program, got a call from a woman asking for a ride to an appointment at a hospital that is outside of our standard service area.  (I’ll call her Dorothy here.) 

We generally don’t bring our clients as far as Dorothy wanted to go, because it ties up one of our drivers for too long a period of time.  But she said she had no other means of getting to the appointment and that she’d have to cancel it if we could not provide a ride. Ruth made the judgment to make an exception to our general policy and provide the ride.  Our driver picked her up and delivered her to her appointment.

While Dorothy was there, her doctor become very concerned about her condition and admitted her to the hospital.  She was told that they believed she was on the verge of a stroke and needed immediate care. 

It was not what she expected to come of her appointment.  Dorothy had left her home with food cooking in the crockpot that morning.  She had to give our driver her housekey so she could go in to turn it off that afternoon!  

But what a wonderful thing for us here, to know we’d enabled Dorothy to get the serious care she needed, when as simple a thing as Ruth choosing to simply follow policy and deny her the ride could have had a very different outcome for her. 

A prayer for Dorothy, please, and perhaps one of thanksgiving for Christian Help’s transit service.